Welcome to the Eco Mundo blog site!  Our actual “birth” will be soon, most likely as we finish with an extensive multi-disciplinary collaboration on what has happened to the human psyche as a result of the rise of civilization.

Okay, that sounds heavy … and in a way it is.

Because what is being discovered is terribly important.  The life-style of our species had a million-year+ history of small, cooperative groups where the members tended to their youngest members in a way that has been mostly last.

By shifting to agriculture, the daily cycle of hunting and gathering may have faded, but so too did the small size and the on-going, close attention to an infant’s needs.  Plus the groups grew in size to the point that hierarchies emerged.

Those discoveries are now converging with twenty+ years of neuroscience research detailing what needs to happen in the earliest years of human life to lay the foundation for emotionally secure, self-regulating adults.  This same research stream has simultaneously provided a tremendous amount of information about the serious negative outcome when the wrong things are done (and when nothing much is done).  Today, this time in a child’s life is called the attachment period and is receiving tremendous attention from many places.

The work that has to be taken to a whole new level of priority is to better understand how to take what we are learning about our biologically rooted requirements for the earliest period of life and integrate it with the diverse and demanding world in which most of us live.

So, stick around, check back, and participate!

David E. Roy, Ph.D.